South Beach, Atkins, Zone, Master Cleanse, Grapefruit Diets Exposed: Analysis of Popular Fad Diets Helps You Choose South Beach, Atkins, Zone, Mater Cleanse and more

The Ultimate Reference & Learning Guide for the Diet Enthusiast! In depth and current overview of the most popular diets of our time! High Carb? Low Carb? High Protein? Low Fat? Ever wonder what those diets are really about? With so many diets on the market today it's hard to choose the one that's right for you. In our in-depth book you can learn and understand how the diet evolved and what it takes to be on the diet. Learn the Pros and Cons of almost every popular fad diet in America for the last 20 years. Accompanying each diet is a summary of what "experts" and/or former diet participants have had to say about it. The book also includes supplemental information about eating disorders, the "food pyramid", and PhD Marion Nestle. Remember when you pick a program; try not to deviate too far from your preferred lifestyle! Diets included in our book are: . South Beach Diet . Adkins Diet . Grapefruit Diet . The Zone Diet . The Eat Right for your Blood Type Diet and many more

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