Recipe Journal: Viennese Wafers with Berries and Mint Cooking Journal, Lined and Numbered Blank Cookbook 6 x 9, 150 Pages (Recipe Journals) (Cooking Journals)

Nothing says "home" like a home-cooked meal, and food plays such an important role in the journey of our lives. But if you make more than 3 dishes you probably have a pile of go-to recipes floating around your kitchen, computer, or phone. The problem with that, especially if you're a foodie like me, is keeping all of those recipes straight can be a real hassle! Before the internet our moms and grandmothers had card boxes and big 3-ring binders that EVERYTHING fell out of. Then we moved on to "recipe boxes" on our favorite websites, then pinning, and bookmarking, and storing on Google drives... But if you're like me this is still an organizational nightmare! And personally, I'm putting my computer, phone, or tablet in peril every time I cook with it. (I've ruined 3 laptops by spilling various liquids in the keyboard and we won't talk about the number of times I've dropped my phone in the middle of a pile of ingredients)! So how the heck do you keep everything organized and USABLE without jeopardizing your electronics!?! Simple! Mix a dash of old school with a pinch of modern... and voila! Recipe Journals are the perfect way to keep organized and have your recipes handy. Step 1 - Find your favorite recipes on the internet Step 2 - Print them off and paste them in the book Step 3 - Record the recipe title and the page number in the Table of Contents (yes the pages are all numbered, and yes there is a table of contents at the beginning) · When you find a recipe in a magazine, simply cut it out, paste it in and repeat the instructions above. · If you're watching a cooking show just jot the recipe down and you'll never have to remember what the heck that show was so you can go find the thing online (hoping of course that it's still there!) · And you can also safely store those cherished recipes that have been passed down from family members and friends. The journals in this collection are made to be used - they aren't fancy so you don't have to worry if you spill something on it - it's inexpensive and replaceable. There is no spiral binding to get crushed or unravel. And no hole punched pages that get weak with use and tear. It's a regular paperback so just crack the spine so it lays as flat and don't feel guilty about it! All the journals have cute or classy covers so even though they're super-functional they look nice sitting around the kitchen. Each book has 180 numbered and lined pages with a Table of Contents on the first page so you can keep organized. I have about a dozen of them and I choose designs I love to match what they contain. A gorgeous watercolor rooster for the cover of my Poultry Recipe journal Baskets of garden-produce for my Vegetable Recipe Journal A cute painting of cupcakes for my Desserts (OK I'll confess I have 2 for desserts) Farmyard animal paintings for beef and pork dishes A retro style for old family recipes A holiday table scene for my family's Christmas and New Year favorites The list goes on... A recipe journal is also the perfect gift for family and friends (give it pre-filled or blank) and makes a great addition to gift baskets of home-made treats from your kitchen. They're great as a house warming gift or for a celebration like a wedding or bridal shower (one of my nephew's just got married and we gave he and his new wife an assortment of kitchen items and included a journal with the recipes he loved to have when he visited our house growing up). It's awesome to send with a student going off to college too (we're sending one with my older son's favorite dishes when he leaves next fall). Get started today and fill your own blank cookbook with your favorite romantic meals, holiday favorites, and secret family desserts, or just clean up that mess you've got on Pinterest and Google! Scroll up and get your own Recipe Journal and start recording your culinary journey now...

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