Paleo Reboot or The Human Nature Lifestyle Manifesto: Primal Strategies and Paleo Philosophies to unleash your Health, Happiness and Hotness into The Modern Age!

It’s more than just what you eat or how you move. It’s how you think. How you think about your priorities in life; the way you lead your life in this hectic, modern world of ours. Think about that very phrase; “lead your life”. For many of us, life is leading us. Leading us away from the things that will make us truly happy, healthy and hot. This transformational 28 day programme blends an exciting combination of nutrition, primal movement, lifestyle exercises and mind empowerment to burn away excess weight, develop muscle tone and crush any limiting beliefs about your body. You will get fit in an organic, enthused, and entertaining way. In the next few days you'll begin to feel refreshed, youthful, and ready to start your life all over again! A life that’s more connected to the natural world and your own natural state. This book takes you back to basics, re-introducing you to your primal self — the real, instinctual you lurking beneath years of negative programming and false information regarding your health and happiness. The truth is this: YOU WERE DESIGNED TO BE FIT! You were designed to be HAPPY!You were designed that way by a force called Mother Nature. She made no mistakes when she created you. But somewhere along life’s journey, we just piled a lot of modern rubbish on top of truths we knew — truths we knew at the cellular level. About the author. Ape McLeod is a creative warrior, juggling fitness and health projects and lifestyle coaching with other entrepreneurial and creative passions. He came to Paleo after a long battle with addiction and depression.Now you’ll find him plotting a conscious global revolution through the power of story and perseverance.

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