Paleo For Beginners: Start Your Ideal 7-Day Paleo Diet Plan For Beginners To lose Weight In 21 days

Are You Ready for An Adventure? Paleo Diet Is Waiting for You! Welcome into the Paleo's World! Are you planning on going to the Paleo Diet soon? In that case, you've come to the right place! Aren't you excited? I guess, you are! Maybe you have already formed a vague idea of what Paleo will imply, and maybe it feels a bit overwhelming. The Paleo diet is known by other names such as the cavemen diet, hunter-gatherer diet, and Stone Age diet. The concept behind this diet came from the premise that what worked for the forefathers’ health would also work for today’s population. Adoption of the eating habits, food selections, and lifestyle of our prehistoric ancestors are the main objectives. Included in the diet are mostly fish and meat and products of plants such as vegetables, fruits and nuts. As there were no ways to process foods back then, all processed foods are to be avoided in this diet. The only sugar that is allowed is honey. Salt, on the other hand, is limited. Off-limits are the grains, dairy products and all canned, cured, smoked, and preserved products I wrote this book specifically thinking of you: the one's that who wants to weight loss while staying energized and healthier. I wrote this book to show you how you can have an absolutely amazing experience while you are in the Paleo Diet. I will tell you what to eat or not, how to follow a simple 7 day meal plan, how to prepare some amazing recipes ( over 50 paleo recipes includes!). The Paleo diet is a success because of the following reasons: it is simple, doable, and effective. Weight loss is achievable within three weeks and great health is possible for good with continuous implementation of this diet in your lifestyle. My goal is simple. I will help you prepare your journey with Paleo, transforming it into an absolutely amazing experience. I will teach you what to eat or not, showing you how to make some amazing paleo recipes. I will take you through a step by step with 7 Day Meal Plan where you simply can't get lost! So let's go for it! Here Is A Sneak Preview Of What You'll Learn After Downloading this Paleo For Beginners book Introduction Chapter One - Paleo Diet: An Introduction Chapter Two - Paleo Diet And Its Holistic Benefits To The Modern Man Chapter Three - The 21-day Challenge Chapter Four - The Basics of the Paleo Diet Chapter Five - Goodbye To These –Restricted Foods in the Paleo Diet Chapter Six - Sample Paleo Meals For A Week Chapter Seven - Amazing Paleo Recipes Chapter Eight - Frequently Asked Questions Chapter Nine - The Paleo Diet: The Conclusion Much, much more! Download your copy NOW! Click the buy button! Tags: paleo, paleo diet, paleo for beginners, paleo recipes, paleo book, paleo for weight loss, paleo cookbook, Paleo Recipe Book, paleo lunch, paleo dinner, paleo snack, paleo breackfast, paleo diet, paleo diet recipes, paleo diet recipes for beginners, cookbook, weight loss, healthy living, get ripped, paleo diet recipes for weight loss, paleo diet plan, paleo diet rapid fat loss, fat loss, paleo diet mistakes

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