Paleo for Ageless Men

We live in an extraordinary world where recent breakthroughs in medical research have revolutionised our concept of how the body functions. We now have a new and exciting picture of how our bodies can counter disease and how the ageing process can be positively influenced by a host of environmental factors. The myth about being bound to the luck of our genes has been exposed as a misconception. We now know that we can influence how many of our genes function and that means we can take steps to unlock the secrets of better health, of having more energy and vitality and developing a new level of wellbeing that might have seemed unreachable and impossible. The fact is none of us want to age. But what if we could slow the process down and restore our bodies to a younger and fitter condition? Surprisingly, the answer can be found hidden in our food. Your dreams of renewed vitality and youthful vigour can be realised by your choice of nutrition. This ground-breaking book empowers you to make life-changing decisions based on the power of the Paleo Revolution. Our bodies have not adapted successfully to a grain-rich diet and the high levels of sugars in almost every food stuff has caused chaos for hundreds of millions of people. Our mission is to change all that and give you back your health, inside a fitter, stronger and naturally younger body. Amongst a wealth of ideas, tips and solid advice, the book shows you how to: •Reverse the signs of accelerated ageing •Energise your body •Renew your vigour and vitality •Burn off the excess fat •Trim your waist and belly naturally •Build more muscle •Supercharge your skin and give it a year-round healthy glow •Eliminate toxins from the whole of your body •Eradicate inflammatory agents •Sleep better •Boost your creativity •Tame your cravings •Enjoy your new lease of life to the full As time passes, we begin to notice the unmistakable signs of ageing and many of us simply shrug our shoulders and wearily accept the situation as inevitable. But we often ignore the fact that much of the ageing process is caused by external issues such as stress, poor diet, environmental pollution, the daily pressures of work and family responsibilities, inadequate sleep and the contaminants that are added to much of our processed food. The main area where we can influence the ageing process and turn back the hands of time can be found in the kind of food we eat and the positive choice of a more natural diet. When we use the word 'natural', what we really mean is a choice of food types that best suits our metabolism. Many people, for example, are intolerant to the gluten in grains and, over the years, this intolerance produces inflammatory responses that have been linked to cancer, diabetes, heart disease and a wide range of disturbing health problems. The body's health is then compromised and cells are damaged to the point where long-term decay sets in. Yet this is avoidable. Just by making a judicious choice of healthy foods that support our body's optimum nutritional requirements. Foods that our bodies can digest, assimilate and process easily, without producing unfortunate side effects. When you feed your cells properly, eliminate toxins and restore a healthy balance to your intestinal flora, your body will experience changes at the most profound level. Your body will repair and restore itself. You'll look younger. You'll feel younger. You'll begin to appreciate once more how great it feels to have an abundance of energy and vitality. These are all the natural consequences of taking control of your nutrition and taking control of your health. This is the power and the dynamics of becoming the ageless man. Plus there's a comprehensive range of recipes that will dazzle your taste buds and make you wonder why you didn't go Paleo before! But it's never too late to experience the benefits of smart nutrition. It's what your body deserves.

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