Medpodium Neo-Carb BlocSupplements, 24 Count

Live in the MomentCarbs are energy but sometimes too many can leave you dragging and bloat you up. Go ahead and eat the carbs you want with Neo-Carb Bloc. It "zaps" a good portion of carbs by neutralizing them, meaning, they don't get absorbed. And if you want to transform yourself to total hotness, Neo-Carb Bloc is a must; as it regulates digestion of dietary starches, it reduces the caloric impact so you get and stay fit. Just one pill of Neo-Carb Bloc before your carb-rich meal or dessert is all it takes to safely neutralize some of the starch content. It contains Phase 2, the active ingredient, which is a white kidney bean extract that has been clinically studied and shown to reduce the digestion of dietary starches. Neo-Carb Bloc is the only supplement that has Phase 2 in a maximum strength formulation four times more potent than other generally available Phase 2 products. Remember: if you are serious about getting in ab-fab shape eat the right carbs (whole grains), along with a healthy diet and exercise program. Neo-Carb Bloc is a great tool but not a magic pill.

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