Mama Bear Kusi’s Weekly Meal Planner: A 52-Week Menu Planner with Grocery List for Planning Your Meals (Mama Bear Kusi’s Cooking Series) (Volume 1)

Do you want to plan, track, and stay organized with your meal planning? Mama Bear Kusi’s easy-to-use weekly meal planner will help you simplify and stay organized with your meal planning, tracking, budgeting, and grocery list shopping all in one place. It’s designed to fit the needs of a variety of meal planning styles. So whether you plan weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, this undated meal planner will help you achieve your meal planning goals. In addition, Mama Bear Kusi’s Weekly Meal Planner will provide you with 52 weeks, one full year of meal planning. Each week, you will find a: 1. New menu page to write your breakfast, lunch and dinner plans for the week. 2. Shopping/grocery list page to record the items you need for your meals. 3. Budget section to keep track of your budget and spending. 4. Notes section to journal, keep track of things running low, write your to-do list or events on your calendar for the week, log information, or track your progress (goals). Plus a monthly freezer inventory page to make sure nothing goes to waste. Also included in the back pages of this useful weekly meal planner are: > Special Event Meal Plan pages to meal prep, stay organized for your next dinner party, or holiday social. > Conversion Chart for Baking. > Conversion Chart for Liquid. > How to Alter a Recipe page if you want to double a recipe, or even cut the recipe in half. > Baking Substitutions page. > Staples page of what I typically keep in my kitchen as well as a page to write your own staples. > Favorite Meals page for you to write down your crowd-pleasing dishes to jumpstart planning your weekly food menu. > Recipe pages for you to copy or create your own sweet or savory dishes! As a bonus, this simple-to-use weekly meal planner also fits in most shopping bags. It’s a softcover, and 8 x 10 inches in size. Make your meal planning faster, organized, and easier with Mama Bear Kusi’s Weekly Meal Planner. You will no longer have to worry or stress about what food to pack for your kids, cook for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Just reference meals from previous weeks to instantly get menu ideas, or pre-plan your weekly menu list in advance. No more multiple or last minute trips to the grocery store because you forgot to buy the one, or two important things at the grocery store. In addition, this weekly menu planner will help you stop buying unnecessary items from the grocery store or while shopping. You will also save money because you will no longer impulse buy items that are not on your grocery list, waste time trying to figure out what to buy, and reduce the time you spend at the store too. Mama Bear Kusi’s useful weekly meal planner will help you simplify, stay organized, and sets you up for success in all your meal planning needs. It’s also the perfect housewarming, wedding, bridal shower, cooking graduation gift for your family, friends and loved ones who love cooking. Scroll to the top to get your copy of this easy to use and convenient weekly meal planner today. Click the “Add to Cart” button at the top of this page.

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