Live It, NOT Diet!: Eat More Not Less. Lose Fat Not Weight

After exposing the conventional approach to getting fit, with Eat Meat And Stop Jogging, Mike Sheridan delivers his progressive plan for losing the fat and keeping it off without restricting calories, over-exercising, or sacrificing your health.Live It NOT Diet! is a rock-solid step-by-step blueprint that transforms the average person into a strong, healthy, fat burning machine.This is not a quick-fix diet solution, but rather a sustainable lifestyle plan that's realistic and relevant to the majority of the population. Using the most well-respected research, Mike delivers nutritionally sound advice with an encouraging voice that provides motivation, inspiration, and persuasion to take immediate action. His personal experience has given him the unique ability to anticipate every situation the reader will face and provide an empathetic solution, while adding a touch of common sense and signature wit.Live it NOT Diet! is the perfect combination of cutting-edge science and street-wise design, presented in a mindful, impeccably well-organized strategy.Whether you dream of better health and a longer life, or a body made for a speedo, this is your roadmap.

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