LA Weight Loss Color Diet Plans on CD Complete

This is a Computer CD containing menu-driven PDF files. (Not to be confused with a DVD video.) Also included in this package is a URL to download the files, in case you want to use them on a device that has no CD drive. The Famous LA Weight Loss Diet Plans from 2009. An easy, step-by-step diet plan system with stages designed to help prevent reaching a plateau. Proven by 1,000's of clients. Do-It-Yourself E-Books with Expert Menus Work With Your Groceries & Saves $1,000's on Center Visits. Also comes with download instructions so you can use it on devices not having a CD drive (iPad, phone, etc.) Everything you need is included except groceries! Nothing further to purchase! GOLD Weight Loss Plan (For 25-Lbs or Less Loss, and Next Drop From Purple) GREEN Weight Loss Plan (Takes Off The Last 5 Lbs, and Next Drop From Gold) Orange Plan PURPLE Weight Loss Plan (40-Lbs or Less Loss, Next Drop From RED) RED Weight Loss Plan (80-Lbs + Loss, and ALL MEN & Athletes) RED Carbo-Cravers BLUE Weight Loss Plan (For Seniors, Shift Workers or Breastfeeding Moms) Xpress Accelerated Weight Loss Plan Restaurant Food Guide Frozen Food Guide Stabilization Weeks 1 thru 6 Plans Maintenance Plan The "Weekends Off" plan and Delicious Lite Recipes Printable Food Diary Pages Print Menu Plans For Easy Food Shopping Also included as a Bonus is a 5-Star ebook written by a center manager--full of Juicy Surprising Secrets!

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