Ketosis: 2 Manuscripts: Ketosis Diet + Atkins Diet (Ultimate Weight Loss) (Volume 9)

10X Your Results by Combining Ketosis Diet with Atkins Diet! Lose up to 1 Pound a Day Easily with This 30 Day Ketosis Diet Plan! Is fat really that bad? Are carbs necessary for us? Does eating a lot means you'll get fat? If you found your way to this page, you probably have a tiny doubt about what doctors and nutrition experts recommended us for years. So, What's the Truth? In the book Ketosis Diet: 30 Day Plan for Optimal, Super-Effective Fat Loss with Ketogenic Diet you will learn: What is Ketosis What to eat What not to eat How to unlock key hormones for fat loss And Much Much More! Tommy's Success Tommy was a morbidly obese diabetic. After going on a high-fat diet, he lost 200 pounds over a period of two years, while hardly even exercising. As he was losing weight using the ketogenic diet, his own diabetes nurse had been a disbelieving witness. Tommy’s cholesterol levels, lipid levels, and blood sugar, just kept improving, while eating the exact opposite of the “official” dietary guides! Ketosis Is Not ONLY for Weight Loss! Other benefits from a ketogenic have been observed: Brain health Reduction of symptoms of Parkinson’s disease Cancer Reduction of symptoms of Mitochondrial Disorders Improved Focus and Mental Clarity ----- Atkins Diet Are You Sick of Hard Diets with No Results? The book "Atkins: Break Out From the Fat Prison" mentions complete details of the Atkins diet which is a great advantage for those people who want to reduce their weight while maintaining good health. While most diets consist of only the raw and tasteless ingredients like raw vegetables, being on fruits and completely avoiding alcohol all day the Atkins diet focuses only on eating a low carb diet, which does include high proteins and a fiber diet. Moreover, the Atkins diet also allows you to drink alcohol after the prescribed two weeks are over that is the first stage of the Atkins diet. This is an Updated & Expanded 2nd Edition! In this book you'll learn: EXACTLY what to eat every meal - no more guesses. How to activate essential hormones in the fat burning process Why you feel hungry and how to control your appetite How to win yourself and give up on junk food, sweets, and processed food In this book, you will find complete details of the Atkins diet and how to practice it, complete recipes of the meals, the diet plan you should follow, and many tips for successfuly following the Atkins diet. What’s inside? A full,complete guide on the Atkins diet 30 Day meal-plan 100+ Low carb, healthy recipes What Kind Of Results Should I Expect? While results may vary from one person to the other, those kind of results are not illusional: Losing 15 pounds in the 1st Month Burning 10-12 pounds of pure fat in the second phase of the diet Reducing your body fat to 8% in 6 months! Atkins diet has been proven to be one of the most beneficial, easy-to-follow diets. STOP fantasizing about the ideal body and your potential - Take action now! Click The Buy Now with 1-Click Button And Get Your Copy!

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