Ketogenic Diet: The Most Common Ketogenic Diet Mistakes: Why The Diet Isn’t Working For You (Volume 2)

Have you ever wondered why certain diets work well for some people but not as well for others Say for example you have the best medication for diabetes but you have this bad habit of consuming large amounts of sugary drinks on a daily basis. You most likely aren’t going to improve your condition not because the medication doesn’t work but because of the “mistake” you are making. Likewise, when a diet plan doesn’t work out for you, it is likely that you are doing certain things wrongly. In this book, we will go into detail what the most common mistakes are and how to avoid them. Did you know that facing stress can also affect the results you are getting? Let’s be realistic, most of us live in stressful conditions whether it is at work, school, relationships or life in general. Surprisingly, in the scientific viewpoint this actually plays a huge role in determining the results we get from a Ketogenic Diet lifestyle. In this book, you will find practical advice specifically designed to solve the difficulties face by working class adults as well as people who have been struggling with weight loss throughout their lives. Compilation of scientific references Not everything we read online is reliable, this can be especially risky if we take the wrong health advice literally. This is why we have included a compilation of scientific references from plenty of reliable sources to support most of what is written. Examples of scientific references include studies published by the Journal of Cancer Research, the National Center for Biotechnology Information etc. What else you can expect to find inside.. Common mistakes relating to workout regimen and how to get around it. (Resistance Training & High intensity Intermittent Training) Explanation of good eating habits Too much vs Not enough of certain foods Patience & Commitment And Much Much More! Scroll up and click the buy now with 1 click button!

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