Ketogenic Diet for Beginners Cookbook 2018: Simple, Fast and Flavorful High Fat Low Carb Keto Diet Recipes for Weight Loss and a Healthy Lifestyle (Keto Diet for Beginners Cookbook 2018)

Do you want to have a successful Keto Diet journey? Do you want to Lose weight fast, regain confidence and have a better life? Follow the Keto Diet Step by Step as follows:Step # 1 – Prepare yourselfFirst, you need to set your mind that this is not going to be a walk in the park, that throughout your journey, you will be experiencing numerous hardships and challenges, some of which would even make you want to quit at some point.Second, you need to equip yourself with enough knowledge about the ketogenic diet. Yes, this book already provides almost everything you need to know. But there’s a plethora of information online about this diet program just in case if you have any more questions. Just make sure that you rely only on reliable sources.It’s also important to prepare not only yourself but also your home and the people around you. Talk to your family about this new diet program you are embarking, as you will need their support and encouragement.Step # 2 – Measure yourselfBefore you can get started with the keto diet, you need to first measure yourself. This will determine your starting point and enable you to track your progress effectively.Here are the stats that you need to know:Weight I Height I Hips I Thigh I Calf I Wrist I ForearmOnce you know all these stats, you can use a BMI calculator to find out your BMI and body fat percentage.Step # 3 – Know the macrosAfter you’ve gathered the essential information about your body’s current stats, you can go ahead and make use of a keto calculator to determine how many carbohydrates, protein and fat you need to consume to be able to reach the goals that you desire.Generally, experts recommend limiting net carbs to 20 grams and total carbs to 35 grams per day. As for protein, it’s good to keep it within 0.6 grams and 0.8 grams per pound lean body mass. Step # 4 – Plan your mealsThe next thing that you have to do is to plan your meals. Write down a weekly menu consisting of dishes that are keto-friendly.Step # 5 – Monitor your progressMonitor your progress each week by taking note of the stats that you previously measured in the second step. Keeping a journal will help you track your progress.Inside this book, you will know everything essential about ketogenic Diet. Meantime we have provided over 80 easy-to-make keto recipes for your successful keto living! Want to have a happy and healthy keto life? Follow this book and the step-by-step tips!What are you waiting for? Get this amazing book by now! You will like it!

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