Ketogenic Diet Cookbook: Weight Loss With Everyday Food Based Ketosis

At this point, you must have tried a boatload of diet programs and fancy diets that never seems to work for you. This feeling is mutual. I have been there. Coming across this book is the start of your journey towards shedding that excess weight the healthy and delicious way. This simple and easy to put into practice ketogenic diet cookbook will guide you on how to make little adjustments to your daily routine. Small changes with massive positive results for your body and self-esteem. This book is fully loaded with information on how to start and to maintain a ketogenic diet regime. The daily recipes outlined are mouthwatering and are a must have for you and your loved ones. Start a ketogenic diet today with; Daily meals paving the way into ketogenic diet plan Delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner outlined. Simple explanation on what a keto diet is and why you should start today. Ketogenic diet recipes contained in this cookbook includes; Flax and Blueberry Pudding, Lemon Prawn and Kale Salad, Crispy Chicken with Sprouts, Eggplant Lasagna and so much more mouthwatering recipes! So what are you waiting for? Get this keto diet cookbook and begin a pleasant relationship with your food!

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