Ketogenic Diet: 150+ Low-Carb, Rapid Fat Loss Keto Recipes & Desserts You Can Try At Home! (Burn Fat, Lose Weight, Ketogenic Recipes, Ketogenic Cookbook, Ketogenic Fat Bombs)

Looking For Healthy & Delicious Keto Recipes You Can Make At Home? Tired of Feeling Lethargic & Out Of Shape? I've Included 150+ Recipes That Can Change Your Life Forever!Get Healthier Starting Today!You no longer need to starve yourself while you're dieting. The great thing about following a ketogenic diet is you never get that hungry feeling that is byproduct of most “normal” diets. You no longer need to equate the idea of dieting with feeling bad. A keto diet is designed not only to help you safely lose weight, it will allow you to lower your cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar. It will boost your mental clarity and shoot your energy levels through the roof. This book will also give you 150+ ketogenic recipes covering everything from breakfast to dessert. Inside You'll Learn:30+ Ketogenic Diet Breakfast Recipes30+ Ketogenic Diet Lunch Recipes30+ Ketogenic Diet Dinner Recipes30+ Ketogenic Diet Sides, Soups, & Snacks Recipes20+ Ketogenic Diet Dessert RecipesI believe this recipe book will give you a taste of everything the keto diet can offer.Taking that first step towards a healthier lifestyle is often the hardest. By picking up this book you're choosing to become the healthiest version of yourself possible. Don't Wait Another Minute! Get Your Copy Now!

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