Keto Strong: Diet, Exercise, and Tech that Fight the Effects of Aging

In his groundbreaking new book Keto Strong, Dr. Ken Ford illuminates how the keto diet can help the body mount a defense against the effects of aging. As we hit our 40s, 50s, and 60s, it’s typical to gain weight, lose muscle mass, and get less mobile. Keto strong shows how nutritional ketosis and a smart exercise program can make it possible to maintain a younger body composition and a more athletic physique. Through Dr. Ford’s program, you can feel better, stay athletic, and live long and strong. Keto Strong simplifies new findings in exercise science. Dr. Ford considers fact and fiction on hot topics like ketone esters, blood-flow restriction, electrical stimulation, and vibration plates. He blows up myths about dietary supplements and Big Pharma. Dr. Ford doesn’t tiptoe around the realities of aging―getting older is not for sissies. The hard-hitting message of Keto Strong is this: aging is inevitable, but weakness is a choice. Applying the methods of Keto Strong, you can live a better life that is long and strong.

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