Keto Make Ahead Freezer Meals And Snacks: 45 Recipes by a Registered and Licensed Dietician to Make Ahead and Freeze for Ketogenic Dieters (The Convenient Keto Series) (Volume 1)

Is your hectic modern lifestyle causing you to break your Keto Diet? Have you considered preparing your Keto meals in bulk for freezing but don't know how? The Keto Diet Make Ahead Freezer Meals and Snacks Recipe Book will easily save you time, money, AND help you stick to your Keto Diet! All recipes have been developed by a registered and licensed dietician, so you can rest assured they are true Keto recipes with precise nutritional values. This recipe book contains a great variety of 45 recipes for Breakfast, Soups, Beef, Chicken, Seafood, Breads and Desserts/Snacks. Your meals will be at your fingertips - ready in moments! If you want to save time, money and keep on your diet with some great dietician arranged recipes, then this book will do all that for you - get your copy now!

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