Keto After 50: Keto for Seniors – 5g Net of Carbs, 30 minute meals | Lose Weight, Restore Bone Health and Fight Disease Forever (Keto Diet Redefined)

★Did you know?★ Our body metabolism reduces by more than 30% by age 50. Our bones and muscles become weary and weaker with every passing second, and at 50, it really begins to hit us harder. Our bodies become more susceptible to diseases such as Alzheimer's, Cancer and Heart diseaseAre you over 50? Are you looking to lose excess weight, burn stubborn flab and belly fat? Are you constantly tired, lack energy or enthusiasm for even things you love? Do you wish to improve your health, transform your body and Live Longer? Have you ever wondered if Keto would be right for you?Just pause and imagine for a moment, what it'll be like if we all:- Felt and looked younger- Had more energy and more importantly,- Had our best body shape Imagine taking a walk with our kids and grandkids and feel energetic with less belly fat, flab, and weight? How would it feel to wake up every single morning feeling happier, energetic and lively? What if I told you there was an easier way to lose weight after 50!Specifically, in this cutting edge book, you'll learn:Supposedly regular Keto-friendly foods you should be avoiding if you're over 50How to deal with the Keto flu and engage your body to heal and recover faster and betterHow to limit carb cravings, emotional eating, binges and occassional cheating2important secrets why restricting calorie is a must for you at age 50+How Aging Affects Your Health and what it means for You on KetoHow Keto Can Help you with weight loss, improved brain and memory function After 50How to heal your body completely with special tips never taught anywhereAlso in this guide, you’ll discover:A Custom-fit way to try Keto in a specific way with added bonusList of foods you should never eat, even if they are the holy grail of regular Keto diets10 Best Supplements you should be taking if you’re on Keto and over 506 Supplements you should never take10 Best health-supporting and disease-fighting foods you should be eating every day on Keto10 foods you should never miss out on, even if you have no time to cookBest Ways to stay on track the Keto diet and track CaloriesTop Proven ways to reap all the benefits of Keto after age 50Even if you suffer from high blood sugar levels, food addictions, binge or emotional eating, you can begin to see great results from a tailored Keto that caters specifically to your needs. I specially invite you to take charge of your health TODAYHit the Buy in 1-click button and get this book delivered to you instantly

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