I Said Intermittent Not Incontinent: Intermittent Fasting Notebook with Trackers & Planners: 30 Day Intermittent Fasting log book and journal complete … & yearly trackers |progress & result pages

This Intermittent Fasting Journal is perfect for both the beginner or seasoned faster everything is laid out in an easy to follow and complete methodology.  Packed to the brim with planners, trackers and goal setting options to keep you moving forward in the right direction.We have even included a 30-Day challenge to help keep you motivated and provide guidance whether you are just starting to fast for the first time or need a bit of an extra challenge.This Logbook /Journal will compliment any Low Carb or Keto Diet or simply use it to monitor your individual Intermittent Fasting Plan. It is intended to work with any fasting schedule including but not limited to these popular plans and methods: The 16/8 Method: Fast for 16 hours each dayThe 5:2 Diet: Fast for 2 days per week.Eat-Stop-Eat: Do a 24-hour fast, once or twice a weekAlternate-Day Fasting: Fast every other dayThe Warrior Diet: Fast during the day, eat a huge meal at night.24-Hour FastingOMAD: One Meal a DayBone Broth Fasting 36 Hour Intermittent Fasting Method, AND works with most popular fasting books and programs.INCLUDES:Monthly & Yearly Intermittent trackerWeight Loss Tracker30 Day Fasting ChallengeWeekly Goals & Motivation PlannerDaily Fasting TrackersDaily Progress TrackersWeekly RecapWeekly Weight Loss JournalIntermittent Fasting and Meal LogsYou are wished every success in achieving your fasting goals and hopefully this journal will make your journey a bit easier.

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