How to Eat Plant Based Like a Boss: All Of Your Vegan Eating and Plant Based Lifestyle Questions Answered. Vegan Recipes Included.

Whether you are new to the vegan diet, transitioning to a vegan diet, or maybe just making an effort to eat more plant-based foods, there’s so much information out there that it can be overwhelming. “How to Eat Plant Based Like A Boss” combines all the answers to your vegan eating and plant-based lifestyle questions, and provides realistic strategies and tips on how to make vegan eating an easy part of your life. Think of this book as the ultimate vegan survival guide. And as a bonus, more than 30 easy and delicious recipes (cookbook) for all occasions are included. Topics Discussed:How and why to eat plant based Getting started essentialsMindset training Plant-based meat, cheese, and milk Protein while plant-basedEating at restaurants and travelingHandling social events and holidaysWhat to look for on food Labels Alternative swaps while cooking and bakingHow to "design" a plant-based meal Supplements, herbs, spices, and seasonings

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