Helping Patients Outsmart Overeating: Psychological Strategies for Doctors and Health Care Providers

Helping Patients Outsmart Overeating, written by a physician and an eating disorders therapist, offers a new paradigm for doctors and health care providers who treat patients with eating and weight concerns. It describes how both providers and patients are frustrated by weight-loss plans and programs that fail long-term, and presents a science-based explanation for why diets fail and how they, in fact, may adversely impact patients’ mental and physical health. The book teaches providers to replace the shaming and scare tactics they were trained to use with patients who overeat and have weight concerns with the kinder and more successful strategies of empathy, compassion, motivational interviewing, and a weight-inclusive approach. The book explains how the “psychology of eating” and a focus on awareness, attunement, and effective self-care — not weight — improve patient self-efficacy and sustain motivation so that patients can attain and maintain their eating and fitness goals. There is also focus on providers’ weight bias and how weight stigma and providers’ own eating and weight concerns may negatively impact the provider-patient relationship. The book introduces providers to Intuitive Eating, Lifestyle Medicine, Health and Wellness Coaching, and a weight-inclusive paradigm. It details a collaborative model for working with ancillary disciplines to give patients and providers the comprehensive support needed for success.

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