Food journal: Diet and Fitness Tracker, Motivational and Inspirational Health Diary (111 pages, 6 x 9 in)

Diet and Fitness tracker, Food journal, health diary you will loveWith this diet planner you can achieve your fitness and weight loss goals quicker and with pleasure. You will be gratefull for starting this path in just three months from now!This diet planner will help you to stay motivated and be healthier each day from now.You can write down your goals, successes, weight and measurements, activity, melas, shopping lists, daily water intake, and more.It doesn’t matter if your motivation is to get in shape for a wedding or to get summer ready, to lose that extra pregnancy weight or just to slim down and start living a healthier lifestyle.Diet and Fitness Planner Features:Motivational agreement for accountabilitySome pieces of advice and motivational quotes for even easier weight lossWeekly check in sections where you can fill in your weight loss and measurements to ensure that you are on track to a healthier you.Daily Meal Plan sections for you to plan you meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks), water intake tracker, calorie tracker, mood tracker and fitness tracker.Place to make some new ideas how to make the next day even better.Weekly Shopping List section for you to track your groceries to help with your meal planning for the week.Size: 6” x 9” compact travel sized, 111 pages, ready to put in your bag and take with you.Premium Soft Printed Cover with beautifull and funny design, just to make tracking your progress even more enjoyable. You can achieve your goals!This planner is designed to help you.

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