Fast Track to Intermittent Fasting: Fasting Beginners Guide for Weight Loss, Fit and Fabulous Living

Are you tired? Would you like to have more energy? Are you overweight? Do you have Type 2 Diabetes? Are your grocery bills getting too high? Would you like to learn how to save money on groceries?Intermittent Fasting (IF) is not just a new craze or fad that has entered the scene in recent years, although it has recently seen a major resurgence in popularity. In reality, it has been around for centuries. Recently, Intermittent Fasting started to become popular because people are quite literally sick and tired. They want to improve their health, but they are not finding the long-term success with conventional diets. We are here to assist! Stop yo-yo dieting and actually keep your lost weight off!In this fasting diet book, you’ll briefly learn about the origins of Intermittent Fasting, how to start intermittent fasting, why and how intermittent fasting works, how to improve your energy levels, tips to reduce your weight, and strategies to reverse Type 2 Diabetes.Additionally, you’ll recognize when to exercise while fasting, who fasting is not right for, some of the common myths and misconceptions of Intermittent Fasting, and the different types of plans for fasting. The best part though is that you’ll learn how to get healthy, lose weight, and keep it off. Ready to be fit and fabulous?Intermittent Fasting is not about starvation; specifically, it involves the application of a beneficial tool or approach that has been in the background for so many years. It is an approach that many are trying and witnessing tremendous results with weight loss and improved health. You too, can be on this fast track to forever health and benefit from the essential tools to get started and continue your fast for as long as you’ve decided. There are even apps to help you, which will be discussed briefly in the book. Not only will you obtain the necessary tips and tools, but you’ll also determine what types of liquids to select while fasting, what types of foods to eat between fasts, and other “aha moments!In sum, this intermittent fasting beginner guide for men and women will cover the following basics:What is Intermittent Fasting?Science behind IF - Fasting Gets the Nobel PrizeWhat is autophagy?Health Benefits of Intermittent FastingWho Can Fast? Who should fast?Fasting During Pregnancy and BreastfeedingDifferent Health Conditions and MedicationsIntermittent Fasting and Type 1 and 2 DiabetesFasting Myths and MisconceptionsFasting for Low Blood SugarHow to start Intermittent FastingIntermittent Fasting for WomenFasting Causes the Body to Burn MuscleIntermittent fasting for athletesTypes of Intermittent Fasting: 20/4 (The Warrior Diet), 24/0, 36 Hour Fast, 42 Hours, 60 hours – The Himalayan Fasting Diet, 5:2 and 4:3 Method. What Should You Eat During Your Eating Window?Adding the Keto Diet: Tips for Transitioning to the Ketogenic DietFasting in Religion and History.IF Tips for Success.IF FAQ.Do you feel that you have tried everything to lose weight and improve your health? This fasting guide is an excellent resource to launch your journey, not just to better health but to also optimal health.Scroll Up and Click the Buy Now Button to Get Your Copy!

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