Diet Help & Nutrition Affirmations: Weight Loss Boost with Soothing Nature Hypnosis & Meditation

Get diet help and create healthy habits for weight loss with affirmations! Diets can be hard to stick too, but these affirmations can help. These affirmations are highly effective and a wonderful way to help you stick to your diet plan, help you eat healthier, and help you lose weight faster. Soothing nature sounds help your body and mind deeply relax, so that you can the most out of your affirmations. These powerful, positive affirmations are approximately 20-30 minutes, with six different nature sound backgrounds to choose from to create a unique listening experience. Listen to as many as you'd like, whenever you'd like. We recommend listening to at least one version once a day for 21 days in a row. Enjoy the following six different nature sounds settings for your affirmations: 1. Soothing beach waves 2. Cozy campfire 3. Summer evening sounds 4. Gentle babbling brook 5. Neighborhood park in spring 6. Tranquil waves on lake This program includes positive affirmations for diet help that are specifically designed for the following benefits: Stick to diets easier Stop junk food cravings Lose weight faster Increased confidence and sense of self-worth Eat healthier foods Less anxiety Increased natural energy These affirmations are designed to be listened to any time, day or night.

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