Diabetes: The Real Cause and The Right Cure

Type 2 patients! Reverse your diabetes. Gain control of your eating habits! If you have Type 2 diabetes, whether recently diagnosed or ongoing for years, this book will open your eyes to a new type of thinking about the real cause of your diabetes and the right cure that will reverse it. After reading this book, whatever you thought about diabetes will change. If you think that diabetes is your destiny because one or both of your parents had it, you will learn that what you have inherited is only a potential. If you think Type 2 diabetes cannot be “cured,” this book will show a completely different picture. The fact is, you can reverse high blood sugar and diabetes in as little as 8 weeks using the 8 steps in this book. Diabetes affects more than 23 million people in the US. Most diabetics are treated with medications or insulin injections to “control” their diabetes, yet they still develop the complications of the condition. Diabetes is considered to be the 3rd leading cause of death in the US. 1 in every 4 adults over age 65 has diabetes. “The health professionals have failed to teach people about the true nature of diabetes,” says Dr. John Poothullil. “This is now a national epidemic that is dangerous and costly. Although there is awareness about diabetes, people are unaware that it is truly preventable and reversible by a simple change in diet.” From his research, Dr. John can show that diabetes is caused by the consumption of grains – including wheat, barley, rice, oats, corn, and the many products made with the flour of these grains. When people excessively consume grains, it fills their fat cells and eventually forces a normal body metabolism to go haywire, leaving glucose in the bloodstream. This causes high blood sugar—and when that continues for a long period of time, it results in diabetes. “This analysis of diabetes makes far more sense than insulin resistance. It explains why diabetes is spreading in countries like China, India, England, and the US where grain is a major portion of the diet. It explains why younger and younger adults, even teenagers, are developing diabetes, given their diets of pizza, sandwiches, snack foods, cakes, muffins, doughnuts and so many products that contain grains. It also explains why some pregnant women get gestational diabetes and shed it within days after giving birth,” Dr. John states. Recognizing the link between grains and high blood sugar is the key to preventing and reversing diabetes. This is Dr. John’s second book. The first, Eat Chew Live: 4 Revolutionary Ideas to Prevent Diabetes, Lose Weight & Enjoy Food, on preventing diabetes, maintaining body weight and enjoying food intake was published in 2015. Diabetes—The Real Cause and The Right Cure is focused on reversing diabetes for those who already have it.

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