Could It Be Gluten?: A guide to understanding the facts about the gluten free diet.

If you have ever wondered what the gluten free diet was all about, this book will satisfy your curiosity! Maybe a friend, relative, or healthcare professional has suggested the gluten free diet to you as an optional treatment for chronic health problems, like asthma, psoriasis, chronic unexplained pain, GERD, and autoimmune problems. Maybe you just want to know why so many people are making such a big deal about it! Whatever it is that has your curiosity stirred, whether for fun, or out of necessity, you can learn the facts about the gluten free diet by reading this guide. The Why, When, and How are all clearly explained in this easy to understand guide! The information compiled in this book will help you to know whether or not going gluten free is for you. The five simple steps will make going gluten free simple, easy, and frustration free! Don't keep wondering, find out for yourself!!!

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