Colon Cleanse Supplement – Colon Cleanse Complex 890MG – Ginger Extract Pills – 2 Bottles 180 Capsules

colon cleanse supplement - COLON CLEANSE COMPLEX 890MG - ginger extract pills - 2 Bottles 180 Capsules COLON DETOX AND CLEANSE: Cascara Sagraga can be beneficial for weight loss. High on laxatives, the herb is used in diet and slimming teas and promotes weight loss. So, make cascara sagrada a part of your daily diet and watch the extra pounds melt away! GINGER CAPSULES: Ginger may help support stomach and colon health. Several studies have found that ginger can support stomach. In fact, one 2011 study showed that ginger powder may protecte stomach by decreasing levels of inflammatory proteins and blocking the activity of enzymes related to ulcer development. BOWEL SUPPLEMENTS: The main function of psyllium is to improve the functionality and efficiency of the digestive system, namely by binding with water in the gut. If you are have some issues from diarrhea, psyllium can help to bulk up your stool and normalize your bowel movements. PSYLLIUM EXTRACT POWDER CAPSULES: Psyllium husk may also relieve diarrhea. In 2 human studies (with as many as 39 subjects), psyllium husk increased stool transit time and improved the consistency of the stool in patients with diarrhea. In the same studies, patients with constipation had decreased transit time.

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