Coconut: Detox Diet: Gluten Free Recipes for Celiac Disease, Wheat Free & Paleo Free; Detox Cleanse Diet to Lose Belly Fat & Increase Energy

Learn How You Can Lose Weight and Stay Healthy with Coconut Flour Recipes Today! You’re about to discover how to make dishes using Coconut Flour... Manage your weight and stay healthy without restricting yourself of foods that you love to eat. Discover the benefits of coconut flour and how it can help you lose weight and be healthy without sacrificing your love for bread, cakes, and other treats. This book includes several delicious recipes to help you adjust more easily to a healthier food lifestyle. Coconut flour is a good alternative to wheat flour. You can use it for baking and cooking. This book provides you with several recipes that use coconut flour. Try these recipes yourself and you can also add your own twist in the process. Whether you have Celiacs, a gluten sensitivity or you simply want to be healthy, this book is perfect for you. Coconut flour is a SUPER FOOD, giving you even more awesome benefits for your body. Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn... Why Use Coconut Flour?Coconut Flour Bread RecipesCoconut Flour Breakfast RecipesCoconut Flour Cake Recipes Learn the Ultimate Benefits of Coconut Flour in Our Everyday Life Now! Clear Both the Body and the Mind You’re about to discover how to... Do an effective detoxification of both the body and the mind while still retaining the needed nourishment. After all, forced starvation is dangerous in so many ways. Never trust other detoxification schemes that do not deliver results as promised and will make your health even worse! 10 days is all it takes to detoxify your body! 10 days is short enough to not be torturous and long enough to get the results. It’s a manageable time frame that anyone can be successful at. Are you worried about your body’s bombardment with toxins despite taking great care and using methods to help your body get rid of them? If yes, this book is going be a vital source in solving all your problems related to detoxing your body from harmful toxins. This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to not just simply flush out toxic substances from our bodies, but also enhance the way our bodies naturally flush out those toxins. You will come to know several ways toxins enter our body from the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe. This book also contains other important information such as the most common toxins that are found in the environment that are unknowingly consumed, the many ways our bodies natura Here Is a Preview Of What You’ll Learn... Modern lifestyles carry lots of toxins that may harm your bodyThe body has its own ways of detoxification, but they are not enoughCleansing the mind is as important as cleansing the bodyConsider the detox diet as a transition phase to an overall healthier lifestyleEverything organic is goodNever starve and deprive yourself of necessary nutrientsColon cleansing is out of the questionDiet as an end to the means, not a means to the end Learn the best way to detox yourself without doing harm to your body

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