CELIAC/ COELIAC DISEASE AND THE GLUTEN-FREE DIET:The Adult and Children’s Guide to Live Pain-Free. Includes Updated List of Foods to Eat/ Avoid, Meal Plans and Recipes

Are you concerned about the celiac disease and want to know about the signs and symptoms? Do you think you have the celiac disease or want to increase your knowledge of this health condition? This book will answer all your questions and help you know if the symptoms you have are indications of the celiac disease.While most people can eat foods with gluten and not experience any adverse effect, people with gluten sensitivity and celiac disease must avoid gluten foods as it can lead to harmful consequences.  Unfortunately, most carriers of this disease are not aware and unable to get treatment on time.This book is your simple and straightforward guide through your diagnosis of the celiac/ coeliac disease and how to successfully follow the gluten-free diet.Below is a brief on a brief highlights of some of the values you will  get from this book:What is Celiac DiseaseWho is More Likely to have this DiseaseComplications of Celiac DiseaseSymptoms and Causes of Celiac DiseaseWhy Celiac Disease Symptoms VaryHow to Manage Symptoms of Celiac DiseaseWhat to Do when you Experience SymptomsDiagnosis of Celiac DiseaseTreatment for Celiac DiseaseHealth Benefits and adverse effects of a Gluten-free DietDermatitis Herpetiformis and Gluten-free DietFoods to AvoidFoods to EatEssential Things to Note when Shopping7-Day Gluten-free Diet Meal PlanGluten-free Diet for Persons without Celiac DiseaseHelpful tips to SucceedWhat if the Gluten-free Diet Does not work?And lots more!No one likes pain, and no one wants to live with pain and discomfort. Take your healing a step further by purchasing this book and let me help you through your complete healing. Whether you have problems with the gallbladder or you want to know more about gallbladder problems and how to avoid them, this guide book would answer all your questions and equip you with the right information for treating and preventing this disease.

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