Brain Memory Pills – URIC Acid Formula – Natural EXTRACTS – Green Tea Quality – 3 Bottles (180 Capsules)

brain memory pills - URIC ACID FORMULA - NATURAL EXTRACTS - green tea quality - 3 Bottles (180 Capsules) SUPPORTS BRAIN COGNITION: Milk thistle has also been used to fight off a variety of aging effects including cognitive decline. It may have a positive effect on the central nervous system. A 2015 study found that milk thistle improved resistance to oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is caused by an imbalance in free radicals and antioxidants and can contribute to poor brain health. Another study found that milk thistle helped learning and memory impairment. URINARY TRACT PROMOTER: Because celery helps to reduce uric acid and stimulates urine production, it's beneficial for fighting bad bacteria within the digestive tract. Similarly to cranberries that are known for fighting poor urinary tract conditions, celery can help, as well as bladder conditions and kidney problems. Citric acid also helps to keep the kidneys in a proper functioning state. ANTIOXIDANTS: Chanca piedra has been evaluated for antioxidant activity and it can help with high blood pressure and high blood sugar. The high phenolic content of chanca piedra has shown antioxidant activity, which has been found to support balanced blood sugar and normal blood pressure. This has created excitement about the potential of chanca piedra during times of distress. In one study researchers noted that chanca piedra engages an enhanced antioxidant defense system. EASE INFLAMMATION: Research shows that the antioxidants in tart cherry juice can reduce inflammation. A 2004 study found that cherry juice supplements can reduce inflammation and pain-related behavior in test subjects, showing promise as an aid against swelling in humans. Tart cherry juice's anti-inflammatory effects may help reduce symptoms of inflammatory conditions.

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