Atkins diet: A Complete guide for the new Atkins Diet, Step by step to Lose weig: Nutritional Supplements, Foods to Eat on the Atkins Diet (Lose … Paleo diet, Anti inflammatory) (Volume 1)

Lose Wight Fast..Are you looking for a quick and efficient way to lose weight AND improve your overall health? Are you looking for a diet that will enable you to shed those extra pounds in the fastest possible way? Are you ready to make a significant lifestyle change and make adjustments to your nutrition?The Atkins diet is a diet that we can place among the pioneers of the low-carb diet. It appeared more than four decades ago, and it was devised by Doctor Atkins, an expert in nutrition. He conducted a large research and came to a conclusion that weight loss is directly related to the amount of the carbs you are consuming.This book will get you familiar with all the principles of the Atkins diet and be the best possible guide you can have for starting it.Here is what we will cover in the book:Atkins Diet overview – all the necessary information you might need about the Atkins diet, including how hard it is to follow it and the most important question of all – does it work?The phases of the Atkins Diet – this diet is divided into four phases, and we will take an in-depth look into all of them, giving you a much better idea on how to startFoods to eat and avoid – the Atkins diet can be tricky when it comes to what you can and can’t eat, which is why you will have the exact list of foods available to you depending on the phase of the diet you are in. We will also get familiar with the foods you need to avoid at all costs. The eating out guide is a bonus, and it will help you in managing to stay on the course of the diet while you are dining with your friendsNutritional supplements – we will learn which supplements are healthy and advised during the various phases of the Atkins dietLifestyle tips and mistakes to avoid – people often forget that starting a diet is nothing less than a change of lifestyle, which is why it is important to discuss how to prepare for it and how to learn to push through the negative momentsAnd much more!Buy It Now & Get ready to take your Health to the Next Level..

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