Alkaline Diet Cookbook: 400 Recipes For Rapid Weight Loss & Balancing Your pH Levels

400 Alkaline Diet Recipes for Rapid WEIGHT LOSS & BALANCING your pH Levels (vegan & vegetarian recipes included)★★SPECIAL DEAL!★★ Buy the Paperback version of this book, and get the Kindle eBook for FREE!A BEGINNER FRIENDLY Alkaline diet recipe cookbook suitable for those with ZERO COOKING EXPERIENCE What you’ll get in my 400 Recipe MASSIVE Alkaline Diet Cookbook☑ FAST and SIMPLE Alkaine Diet recipes for eating at home or on the go (perfect for those living the busy lifestyle; full time work, parenting, on-the-go, etc.)Huge supply of recipes that take less than 10-15 minutes (many only 5 minutes to make!)SIMPLE and EASY to follow recipes, suitable for all BEGINNERS.☑ Alkaline Diet recipes for RAPID WEIGHT LOSS!Healthier with less oil using the Air FryerLose 15lbs, 30lbs, 45lbs+ using these Air Fryer RecipesNote: There are some recipes in the Dessert section that aren't focused on health, but we all need a cheat meal here and there!☑ VEGAN & VEGETARIAN Alkaline Diet recipes available in this cookbook.Plently of vegan/vegetable delicious recipesLose 15lbs, 30lbs, 45lbs+ using these Air Fryer RecipesNote: Not all recipes in this cookbook are vegan or vegetarian.☑ A MASSIVE Collection of Alkaline Diet Recipes for all times of the day;Over 150+ Breakfast Recipes, Snacks & Appetizer Recipes!Again 150+ Lunch & Dinner Meals50+ of the most delicious Alkaline Desserts!A MASSIVE total of 400 Alkaline Diet RecipesRead bottom of book description for the THIRSTY BONUS found in this book☑ A mouth-watering supply of a HUGE variety of recipes altered for the Alkaline Diet;Chai Energy Parfait & Mediterranean Tofu Scramble - A healthy breakfast means a healthy start to the day!QUICK & EASY salads and wraps, perfect for those with a busy weekly scheduleShrimp & Arugla Salad, Cucumber & Salmon Cups, Sushi Bowl (Tuna) - Alkaline meals for the Seafood lovers!Variety of dishes inspired for all around the world: Thai, Mexican, Japanese, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, etc.Yummy collection of DESSERT recipes - Raspberry Cheesecakes, Pudding, and Mango Mousse Cups just to name a few!Plus more, more & MORE!★★THE THIRSTY BONUS OF THIS COOKBOOK★★In case the book cover was not clear enough. You’ll found out this is not just a recipe book on food! *COUGH* *COUGH* … Smoothies… Teas... Juices… *COUGH* *COUGH*It’s no secret that the Alkaline diet is home to some of the most delicious and healthiest drinks on this planet. Therefore, this cookbook dedicates one whole chapter to my favorite favorite smoothies, teas and fresh juice recipes. Don’t go thirsty anymore! .....Still reading? Are you feeling hungry yet? There’s no reason why you can’t be eating one of these delicious Alkaline recipes in 20 minutes from now.Purchase the PAPERBACK BOOK for less than $12 (Literally 3 cents a recipe!) and download the KINDLE version for FREE – Handy while you wait for the paperback book to be delivered.Scroll back up and click “ADD TO CART” on Amazon NOW (Quick - before you get too hungry!)

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