Against All Grain: Low-Carb Grain-Free Diet: 30 Beginners’ Low-Carb Recipes for Extreme Weight Loss and Paleo Style

After reading this book you will learn all about grain-free diet and paleo dietary lifestyle The Health and Wellness Benefits Will Be Incredible! This book is all about how to eat on a low-carb, grain-free diet and how it can help you lose weight fast. Greatly reducing the daily intake of carbohydrates in the consumption of food is a tried and true method of losing weight quickly and easily, and this book provides plenty of recipes that will help you to do just that. The first chapter of the book is devoted to explaining what low-carb and grain-free mean, how they can help you to lose weight, and how they fit into the paleo style of dieting. This chapter will also explain how paleo style dieting is the best overall method for quick, easy, extreme weight loss without damaging your body in any way. The following chapters contain thirty delicious and easy recipes to help you get started on your weight loss journey. These recipes have all been created with the beginner in mind. The ingredients are easy to find in most markets and grocery stores, and if you can find the vegetables, fruits, and meats fresh from local vendors, all the better! The recipes are designed to help you transition from your old way of eating to your newer, healthier method with little to no problems whatsoever. Within just a few days of making this change, you are sure to notice a difference in how you feel. Eating right is the key not only to extreme weight loss, but also to better clarity of mind, increased levels of energy throughout the day, balanced blood sugars, reduced joint pain, and more. This book will teach you plenty of delicious recipes that will help you gain all of these benefits from changing the way you eat every day. The final chapter includes a weekly meal plan for the first week on your new diet. Each day is broken down into shopping lists, so you can easily reference what you already have in your pantry, and what you do not need to buy doubles of. This is A Preview Of What You'll Learn… how low-carb grain-free dieting workswhat the paleo style diet isthirty delicious and easy beginners’ recipesa week-long meal plan and shopping listand much, much more! Would You Like To Know More? Download your copy today! Take action NOW and download "Against All Grain: Low-Carb Grain-Free Diet: 30 Beginners’ Low-Carb Recipes for Extreme Weight Loss and Paleo Style” for a limited time discount of only $2.99! LIVE the life you want and start seeing results the moment you read this book! Available on PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device. © 2014 All Rights Reserved Tags: paleo kitchen, paleo girl, weight loss, lose weight, how to lose weight, extreme weight loss, what is ketogenic diet, ketogenic diet foods, lose weight optimally, best diet, ketogenic diet menu, ketogenic diet recipes, ketogenic diet plan, ketogenic diet weight loss, ketogenic food list, ketogenic recipes, ketogenic meal plan, ketogenic diet kindle, ketogenic diet books, ketogenic diet cookbook, bodybuilding, bodybuilding diets, ketogenic diet, ketogenic,optimal weight loss, paleo diet, low carb, low carb diet, paleo cookbook, paleo recipe book, paleo slow cooker, paleo diet cookbook, ketogenic diets, low carb, mediterranean recipes, mediterranean cookbook, mediterranean style paleo, mediterranean diet for beginners, mediterranean diet recipes, mediterranean diet for weight loss, low carb, dairy-free, dairy free, grain free, grain-free

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