700+ Keto Instant Pot Cookbook #2020: Easy, Healthy and Delicious Ketogenic Recipes for the Smart People on the Keto Diet including 1000-Day Diet Meal Plan

❈All the classic, must-have recipes that every home cook should know!✓❈When you are preparing your meals using the conventional oven or stovetop you need to pay full attention to make sure you do not burn or ruin your meal. With the instant pot you just need to place the ingredients into it and allow it to do the rest. No need any cooking skills, no need to stand before it when cooking. The instant pot is also very easy to clean. All you have to do is to remove the gasket from the cover and wash it with warm water. With an instant pot it uses pressure and heat to cook your foods; it will take much less time to cook foods. If for example it takes you one hour to cook chicken in a conventional oven it may only take 20 minutes or less to do the same job with your instant pot. The instant pot is the only kitchen appliance you will need is the instant pot. You can prepare breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert and more, all with the instant pot. In this cookbook you will have 700 easy and delicious instant pot recipes to try out! This guide will focus on the following:BreakfastMainsSidesSeafoodPoultryMeatVegetablesSoups and stewsSnacksDessertsKeto favoritesGet it now

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