21 Days To Gluten Free

You think you know about the hidden sources of gluten. But you are still getting SICK! Are you newly diagnosed with Gluten Intolerance? Need a plan around how to make gluten free meals? Don’t know where to start on how to make Gluten Free meals easily and delicious, and without cross contaminating something, or missing some hidden source? And are you still making mistakes at social gathering or is the family eating their way and you’re eating you’re meals; Let’s get everybody on the same team.  Happily, Connie Curtis -aka the Gluten and Food Allergy Specialist has got your back. Connie struggled with being sick from gluten and switching to a true gluten free diet (not the traditional gluten free diet we have all been taught) and lifestyle for several years. Experiencing, first hand, all the negative impacts on her health, relationships, and all aspects of her life. Connie has made it her mission to educate and support you on eating a true gluten free diet, living a gluten free lifestyle, eating real, delicious, organic, whole food, and living a healthy lifestyle. Written with truth and passion, “Gluten Free In 21 Days” shows step by  step how to switch to a gluten free diet and lifestyle without the mistakes and research, that’s all done. It covers the Pitfalls and Mistakes still making you sick with gluten, essential lifestyle elements that need to be considered in your kitchen that are keeping you sick, conversations to have with friends, family, and coworkers that will have them join your team, crucial shopping strategies, solutions to the “…what do I eat now mystery” and how to do it on a budget, how to make great tasting recipes on a budget, health tips, and a meal plan to learn and activate the essential foundations in 21 days. Connie will show you how to save time, money, cut out mistakes, lead you to get healthy, AND give you easy, tasty eating options.

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