[2 Pack] Edema Swollen Ankle Legs Supplement Reduces Swelling Bloating Natural Water Pill Diuretic Helps Relieve Achy Swelling on The Legs Feet Calves Hands, Water Retention, Promotes Weight Loss

Euphoric essentials Skinny Feet Natural Diuretic/Edema supplement, Reduces Ankle, Legs, Calf, Hands, Face, Neck and Feet swelling. Skinny Feet has Dendelion leaf, vitamin b-6, potassium, green tea leaf, cranberry fruit powder, juniper berry, buchu leaf, apple cider vinegar, corn silk powder, paprika powder and watermelon powder. All these natural ingredients helps reduce Inflammation, Weight loss and Toxity. If you have tried other Edema pills and are still retaining fluids try Euphoric Essentials Skinny Feet Now. Our unique formula which no one else can sell is composed of just the right mix of vitamins and natural components to help support restore proper fluid balance transfer in your cells while eliminating excess fluids with natural diuretics. Euphoric essentials Skinny Feet is loaded with potassium and Dandelion Root to replace what is lost through urination, so there is no need to take additional supplements.Key Mechanisms of action: DANDELION LEAF has been shown to be effective in treating a wide variety of conditions, including acne, it also helps in maintaining bone health, skin care and is a benefit to weight loss programs. B6 VITAMIN which is needed for proper brain development and function and to make hormones serotonin and norepinephire, which affect mood. Vitamin B6 also helps the body make melatonin, which is important in helping regulate your internal clock. GREEN TEA LEAF is a natural antioxidant that helps nerve cells communicates improving memory and focus. Green tea contains various bioactive compounds that can improve health, brain function and acts a fat burner.

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