Zantrex Black, High Energy Rapid Release Extreme Fat Burner, 84 Count

Zantrex Black New Rapid Release Formula - 84 Soft gels Zantrex Black contains a new rapid release formula. Zantrex Black works with any sensible diet and exercise program. New! Accelerated Rapid Release Formula High Velocity Weight Loss Extreme energy... Fast Maximum Potency Liquid-Filled Soft gel About Zantrex For almost two decades Zantrex has been distributing innovative formulations that address the specific needs of consumers. You can find their products at high-end retailers across the nation and retail outlets worldwide. To guarantee excellence, Zantrex have forged robust and enduring alliances with some of the nation's leading pharmaceutical and nutritional research and development companies. Their collaboration with an industry leader in contract preclinical research and development provides them with access to world-class discoveries from leading academic researchers. Such collaborations enable Zantrex to develop and bring to market proprietary

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