You’re Not a Caveman, Don’t Eat Like One

Should we all go gluten-free? Is the Paleo Diet a surefire solution to weight loss? Are meat and dairy dangerous? With all the nutrition data flying around these days, it’s a wonder we can ever decide what’s for dinner. But amid the chaos of health facts and myths is the central truth that what you eat can make a major difference in the quality of your life. To help you navigate through the confusing sound bites, nutritionist Jennifer Swallow, MS, RDN, LDN, serves up cold, hard facts—backed by scientific evidence and illustrated with personal experience—in her invaluable reference guide, You’re Not a Caveman, Don’t Eat Like One. Rather than cherry-picking studies that merely support her opinion, she presents thorough, detailed reports so you can learn what to eat, what to avoid—and why. Today we face the challenge of too many readily available calories paired with less physical activity and a longer lifespan with more chronic diseases. By examining the nutritional value of your food options, you can start forming better eating habits that are scientifically proven to help with weight loss and to improve your health. Don’t be tricked by the latest fad diet, know your food facts and eat smart!

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