You Are NOT What You Eat: Better Digestive Health In 7 Simple Steps

Although we're commonly told 'You are what you eat', we are, in fact, only what we digest. And according to research, many of us are not digesting very well.Bloating, gas, headaches, fatigue ... food sensitivities, arthritis, skin problems - a growing number of conditions are being linked to improper digestion. And up until now, our focus has been on changing what we eat.In a fascinating blend of the latest medical science along with powerful ancient techniques, You Are NOT What You Eat offers a fresh approach - a clear roadmap for changing HOW we eat: 7 Simple Steps that can lead you to more energy, vibrant health, and the ability to eat anything you want again by enhancing one of your body's most vital functions - digestion.Did you know:Eating between meals might shorten your life.There's a brain in your gut that could challenge the one in your head to a chess match.8 glasses of water a day could be bad for your digestion.Almost 70% of your immune system is located in or near your digestive tract.

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