Yes, I Can!: Unique Diet Journal With Daily Motivation | Intermittent Fasting And Keto Friendly For Best Results (Diet Journals That Work)

After long preparations and testing this book's strategy on several amazing women, we can finally launch our special, motivational weight loss planner, so you too can benefit from its comprehensive guidance and soon become a lighter, more healthy and much happier person. It is especially dedicated to women choosing the ketogenic diet, combined with intermittent fasting, as it has some extra features helping to follow the rules of both, however, it will also work excellent with any other diet or weight-loss program. And you will love it! If you are looking at this book, you probably need help in finding your "good old self" again. There is also a big chance that it's not the first time that you decide to give some diet a try, or maybe you've recently had a baby and need to lose some extra post-baby pounds? If so, you will truly enjoy this notebook and find it incredibly helpful. Why? Most similar books focus on results, but not so much on the way that you need to walk in order to reach your goal. And that road is going to be long and up the hill. We know, we've been on it too. Luckily, there is that one trick that can (and will!) help you find extra strength when you feel like you want to give up. That secret thing is positive motivation and establishing a true feeling of gratitude.You see, without you feeling whole, fulfilled, smart, good and worthy, no weight loss program will work in the long run. Eventually, you will give in and before you know it, you'll have to start again, most probably with more weight to shred and less self-confidence than ever before. But not with this book!With our planner, you can start by setting straight your whys and writing down the things that will, later on, help you stick to your plan. After that, you will begin a 100 days weight-loss record, with space to log all of your diet-related tasks as well as daily gratitude notes. This simple exercise is extremely powerful and can be the factor that will help you tremendously in achieving your goal. Special features of our motivational keto journal for women:Very positive, striking cover design in the matte finishConvenient size (8 x 10 inch/20,3 x 25,4 cm) providing a lot of space for notesA table of content, just so that you can find any part of this book within seconds (yes, we know, it's important!)A list of keto-friendly foods, allowed during a keto dietIdeas to challenge yourselfSpace to note down your most favorite meals that suit the keto diet (you can also note non-keto ideas if you are on another slimming program)100 days challenge page (so fun to fill in!)100 pages of ONE DAY AT A TIME notes, including date, ketosis state, number of fasting hours, water intake, tasks for the day, meals, exercise, daily gratitude practices, and other notesPositive boost with 100 motivational quotes for each day of the 100 days program, to make you feel even better and more inspired to change the things you wantWeekly Intermittent Fasting Tracker to log your planned and actual eating windowsWeekly "Proud List" so that you can write down and actually realize all the things to be happy aboutBefore and After 100 days summary with space for numbers and... pictures12 months of measurement and weight tracking to keep you alert if there should be anything you need to changeYearly progress summary We know this is some serious stuff and that each and every part of this book can be really valuable. As mentioned above, our "testing group" really loved it! If you also want to benefit from all the amazing features of our book, get it now and start your journey to your better self right away! 

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