Wine for Beginners: The Ultimate Wine Book on Tasting, Varietals and So Much More

Wine is truly the world in a glass, without the travel hassles. However, it can be overwhelming with differences in wine terminology and traditions. Wine for Beginners takes the guesswork out of any wine occasion, allowing you to decode wine culture for yourself, whether you are completely new to wine or you have some sipping experience. Learn how to choose between different wine options, break down wine labels and wine speak, discover the art of food and wine pairing, enjoy wine-related activities, and more. Wine for Beginners is a lighthearted, yet informative must-read for any wine drinker. Janelle Jalbert is your personal wine coach, and takes the mystery out of one of the world's most consumed and cherished beverages. Her simple and friendly approach to selecting, serving, and savoring all types of wine--without any snobbery--makes it easy to move from a beginner to a knowledgeable wine lover.

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