When to Eat What: Eat the Right Foods at the Right Time for Maximum Weight Loss!

Pomegranates. Whole-wheat pasta. Edamame. Everyone knows what food keeps them healthy and slim, but this book takes it a step further and helps you figure out what to consume at specific times to take the guesswork out of eating well. This go-to guide answers the question, "What should I eat when . . " I have to get up early for a morning meeting, but I'm not really hungry I didn't have a chance to eat dinner until 10 P.M. but know I shouldn't eat too late to avoid weight gain I wake up starving in the middle of the night? Whether you are a busy executive, a new mom, or training for a marathon, this valuable resource provides meal plans as well as nutritional and weight loss tips to help you get the most from your food. Because, we may be what we eat, but WHEN we eat counts, too.

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