Wheat Free Diet & Cookbook: Lose Belly Fat, Lose Weight, and Improve Health with Delicious Wheat Free Recipes

Discover dramatic health results and lose weight permanently through a wheat belly diet. For years, you've been told that including grains in your diet is essential for good health. The reality? Wheat is destructive to your health. The groundbreaking research in The Wheat Free Diet & Cookbook provides a science-based approach to the benefits of a wheat belly diet, from losing weight to improving skin health and brain function. Also provided are tips for achieving a healthier body and losing that stubborn extra weight through a wheat belly diet. The Wheat Free Diet & Cookbook will help you lose weight and shed your wheat belly, with:  More than 50 wheat belly diet recipes for your favorite dishes, including Garlic Roasted Chicken, No-Flour Rich Chocolate Cake, and Sweet and Spicy Pumpkin BreadExplanation of the dangerous impact of a wheat belly on weight gain, diabetes, aging, and the immune system Lists of healthy wheat alternatives, tips for a successful transition to a wheat belly diet, and a 7-Day Wheat Belly Meal Plan to get you startedInformation on the myths surrounding wheat and tips for finally losing your wheat belly The Wheat Free Diet & Cookbook is an easy-to-follow health solution that achieves fast, visible, long-lasting results from the inside out with the power of a wheat belly diet.

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