Unlock Vegetable Taste: Modern Vegetarian Recipes for Healthy Living: Everyday Plant Powered Cookbook that will make you Feel Amazing

The word “vegetables” isn’t a favorite for many. However, eating vegetables is a simple strategy to be healthy and look good your entire life. That is why this book is meant for vegetarians, for non-vegetarians, for good food lovers, for those who have to follow a diet and for those who wish to discover new ways of preparing vegetables! In this book, Barbara Aguilar shows us 200 pages of creative and traditional receipts and information to improve your diet and health, to cook delicious meals, save time and organize your grocery shopping. But this book is much more than a compilation of healthy vegetarian recipes in English. In Vegetable Flavors you’ll find – Dozens of healthy recipes for each day, PROVED for you to widen your diet – All recipes include the nutritional value so you can build your menu and calculate the amount of calories, proteins, carbohydrates, sodium, etc. according to your diet needs. – A guide with the main vitamins and minerals your body needs, what is their function in our body, in which vegetables, fruits and seeds we can find them, and what are the recipes we recommend for you – A calendar with the fruits and vegetables in season so you can take advantage not only of the diversity but also saving money in your budget – A list of the vegetables that give the highest input of calcium and other sources that’ll allow you to build your personalized menu, – A separate section of legumes, to complement your diet, with suggestions of how to optimize the cooking to keep the nutrients, the main nutritional contributions - Don’t worry if you measure in ounces or grams, gallons, milliliters, kilos, pounds or Fahrenheit and Celsius… You won’t need calculators or equivalence tables. “Unlock Vegetable Taste” teaches you the best way to cook your meals and maximize the nutrition, flavor, aroma and appearance. Just imagine finishing the mental battle of cooking healthy, low on calories, introducing vegetables in your diet and everybody likes it! Start today and cook deliciously and healthier than at a restaurant. Guaranteed! And it won’t take you longer than 40 minutes to prepare exquisite meals to satisfy your family and surprise your friends. You won’t have to worry about cooking and eating boring stuff. Start here and now organizing your menus according to your nutritional needs, discovering exquisite flavors and exotic recipes. Let’s start together...

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