Ultimate Weight Loss Power Hypnotherapy Script Book: 12-Week Hypnosis Program For Hypnotherapists

As a Hypnotherapist with over 20 years of experience, Victoria Gallagher is a leader and visionary in the hypnosis field and the go-to expert on weight loss.Over 1/3 of Americans are classified as obese. This means hypnotherapists have access to a market of more than 160 million potential clients. If you do not already have a thriving weight-loss business, this book can help you achieve one.Ultimate Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Script Book provides a comprehensive system with well-constructed scripts and specific goals to guide the client to success from start to finish.This book outlines a unique approach to weight loss to the novice or experienced hypnotherapist. This 12-week program includes education and scripts that address:Foundational BeliefsHungerVisualizationAccessing the CauseDrinking WaterExercisingEating HealthyMetabolismBanishing Old PatternsMelting FatReshaping the BodyMaintenanceIt's a simple and easy to follow model for using hypnosis to find and resolve core issues responsible for keeping the weight on.This hypnosis program teaches you how to help your clients write their own suggestions they will use which speak to their personal weight loss needs and individual goals.This program is not just about losing weight. It is about creating life-long habits."Don't let the name fool you. Victoria Gallagher's Ultimate Weight Loss Power Hypnotherapy Script Book is much more than what the title suggests. Victoria has produced a complete weight loss program for any practicing Consulting Hypnotist or Hypnotherapist. Even seasoned practitioners will benefit handsomely with this program. Once again, Victoria delivers as a true professional."Tom NicoliBoard Certified Hypnotist“This book is a treasure I wish I had when I started my practice. Victoria takes the complex subject of weight loss and breaks it down into an easy, well thought out, and manageable system that ensures long-lasting results. Everything you need to be successful with your weight loss clients is in this. The result: the guesswork for weight loss hypnosis is gone and a beautiful, compassionate program is delivered!”Stephanie Conkle, Clinical HypnotherapistCreator of the Profound Somnambulism Protocol“Victoria Gallagher provides a real-world, tested, and powerful resource to the hypnosis field. This book goes beyond scripts and is a comprehensive manual with phenomenal methods to benefit both new and seasoned hypnotists. If you want to WORK SMART in your hypnosis sessions, this book will make you a more effective weight loss hypnotist.”Jason LinettHost of the Work Smart Hypnosis PodcastAs you proceed through each week’s session, you are helping your client to gain a deeper understanding of themselves.Some say it only takes 21 days to create a new habit. Experts now say it actually takes 90 days to create permanent habits.The heart of the program is in creating the right affirmations for your client. This is done right from the start during week one. I share my precise formula to create the most effective affirmations.“Victoria’s years of research and depth of understanding show in this book. It is a useful collection of scripts that every practitioner in this area should have access to.”Michael WatsonCertified HypnotistThis book is for individuals who wish to lose weight or for hypnotherapists to use with their clients.

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