Total Body Weight Loss Support Kit 2 Months Supply 2 Different Formulas 120 Ml Powder Supplement of Each Bottle

The Total Body Weight Loss Support Herbal Kit (2 Months Supply) 2 Powder Supplement 120 ml Bottles one A.M. Formula and one P.M. Formula Bottle Supplements. This powerful Kit is designed to support those who want to lose weight throughout the body. This powerful kit comes with two formulas, one Am Formula and one PM Formula. The A.M. Formula supports control of the appetite. Helps support reduced cravings. Helps support you feeling full longer. Supports Speeding up the metabolism and supports decreasing fat absorption. The P.M. Formula supports driving the non absorbed fat out of the body. Supports Removal of Fat from the colon. Supports ridding the body of toxins that can keep you from loosing weight. Supports cleansing the colon. This is a Powder product. The capsules Supplement Kit is also available.

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