The Way of the Vegan Meathead: Eating for Strength

In The Way of The Vegan Meathead, nationally-competitive powerlifter, Daniel Austin, dispels the mass of lies you’ve heard about the ‘difficulties’ of building strength on a vegan diet as he shows you how eating to become a Vegan Beast is easier than you ever thought it could be. With an hour-by-hour, calorie-by-calorie meal plan that comfortably overshoots protein requirements for strength athletes, you‘ll be destined to hit new PRs and enjoy leaner body composition in no time. Packed from cover to cover with a seemingly unconventional yet easily digestible expertise regarding nutrition, supplementation, and ample doses of motivational sh*t-talking, this book will drag you by the collar to meet your new, stronger self. You’re welcome. Praise for Daniel Austin and The Way of The Vegan Meathead: "What can I say about the Vegan Meathead? His name says it all. Well. What I can tell you is that I had the distinct pleasure of getting to compete alongside this powerhouse and get to know him better. Daniel is a vegan superhero if there ever was one. With unwavering inner focus, he was able to work alongside his Plantbuilt teammates and help lift them up to victory. Anyone who is looking to improve their mental game and to do it with purpose, should be reading The Way Of The Vegan Meathead." --Giacomo Marchese, Physique Champion, USAPL Powerlifter, Coach and co-founder of VeganProteins & PlantBuilt “This motherf**ker is a Vegan Beast. The animals would be proud of his squat.” --Phil Letten, Vegan Bros “The Way of The Vegan Meathead is an excellent read for anyone interested in veganism and lifting. Daniel writes from the heart about his personal experiences of being a ‘Vegan Meathead’ and shares his unique perspective. Daniel is the perfect example of what it means to be a compassionate man.” --Natalie Matthews, Fit Vegan Chef and NFF Bikini Pro “Strong, funny, and hella tough, Daniel brings complete focus and dedication to everything he does, from hardcore to powerlifting, all the while keeping hard topics entertaining and interesting. He’ll make you laugh while getting completely epic and yell ‘Vegan Power!’ as you lift more than you ever imagined.” --Holly Noll and Ed Bauer, NewEthic Strength

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