The South Beach Diet: The Complete Guide to Lose Weight Fast and Live a Healthier Lifestyle

If you are sick of the dieting extremes of those other weight loss gimmicks, you should take a look at the South Beach Diet. Because rather than starving yourself or jumping off the cliff of a zero-carb diet all in one day—the South Beach Diet works through gradual phases. These phases are designed to refine both your mind and body as you break out of old habits and into new ones. After introducing you to new meals, and better eating routines, South beach then progresses to what is termed the “maintenance” phase in which carbs and other harmful agents are considerably reduced.With South Beach you still learn to forego the carbs, but you get to do so as a gradual process at your own pace. It is for this reason that many dieters that have failed at other more drastic low carb diets have found so much success with South Beach. Sometimes we could use some training wheels in life, and South Beach provides us with that extra support system to make sure that we succeed. This book walks you through each phase of South Beach with over 100 recipes to help you lose weight fast and live a healthier life!In this book you will learn how you can:Arrange healthy meal plansControl your cravingsLearn good eating habitsUse healthy ingredientsCook satisfying mealsAnd a whole lot more!

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