THE SHREDDED VEGAN CHEF (VOL.2 ATHLETE’S “Fast Food”): Discover The Most Delicious, Nutrient Rich, Plant Power Whole Food Meals For Maximum Gains (The Vegan Gluten Free Cookbook) (Volume 2)

Description As an athlete you fully aware that proper nutrition is the important basis for achieving the best possible sports performance. You are undoubtedly looking for ways to be an even better athlete. That is why you are reading this book. Your particular lifestyle requires a healthy diet rich in biologically valuable food. In terms of food as fuel for athletic performance, people think of eggs, meat and dairy products. As we can see in this book, there are very good substitutes for the food of animal origin. Many famous vegan athletes have proven that you can eat a plant-based diet and meet all your dietary needs at the same time. The right sports nutrition can help enhance your athletic performance more than you can imagine! If you are a vegan and gluten-free athlete, it is extremely important to avoid fast food and eating out. That is why you should plan your meals wisely and carefully and you should cook at home. However, before you start cooking gluten-free and vegan, you have to learn about your diet! What can you learn from this book? Well, it is important not only what you eat, but how much you eat, and what time you eat! The recipes are divided into five sections. These are incredibly delicious morning meals, tasty afternoon/evenings meals, easy and finger-licking sauces, energy-boosting protein snacks, and mouthwatering, healthy desserts. There are fifty recipes for fifty healthy meals which mainly consist of whole foods or plant-based foods and raw foods. Many of us are usually tired due to everyday tasks and, for sure, we do not want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Wouldn’t it be great if you could cook your healthy meal in less than 20 minutes? Yes, you could! All of the recipes are written in fast food style. This means, you will need 15 to 20 minutes of your precious time for every dish. Moreover, many dishes in this book do not require any cooking! The good thing is that you will need simple kitchen equipment. And another thing – Each recipe contains nutritional information, so you can track your calorie intake and nutrition including UH, Proteins, Fat, Cholesterol, Vitamins, Minerals, etc. The recipes were carefully selected, so you will get the well-balanced meals and sports nutrition foods in the best possible way. The majority of recipes call for natural and unprocessed food, so you will see that some common recipes can be prepared in a much healthier way. In other words, by following these recipes, you don’t need to give up your favorite foods. This health-promoting diet will bring superfoods and your favorite foods back to the table. Whether you are very beginner or an old hand in the kitchen, you have to learn about your diet. Therefore, this cookbook will help you to figuring out what to eat for top athletic performance! Being a gluten-free vegan is not difficult as it seems. All you need is a little good will and instructive and creative cookbook. Let’s cook and join successful athletes around the world who enjoy gluten-free vegan lifestyle every day!

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