The Self-Esteem Solution: The Breakthrough Plan To Overcome Obstacles, Determine Your Destiny, and Pursue Your Extraordinary Life

• Do you feel stuck, lost, or uninspired? • Are you still slogging towards some undefinable (yet ever-elusive) goal? • Do you sometimes wonder, “Is this all there is? Aren’t I meant for something more?” This concise and revelatory book will show you how to stop living in the realm of ordinary and start identifying and pursuing the rewards of extraordinary. You were meant for something more and your unique perspective is vitally important to all humankind because you matter! We all prioritize our choices, actions, and relationships in direct proportion to how valuable we perceive ourselves to be. Signs you have deflated self-value perception: • You’re saying “yes” when you’d rather say “no” • You’re working harder and garnering less• You’re inexplicably unfulfilled even though you followed all the rules• You’re repeating unpleasant patterns in your relationshipsIf you feel like something important is missing, that there’s something special inside you trying to get out, or that you thought you’d feel more content by now, then this book is for you.Over the past 25 years, Priscilla Keresey has helped thousands to identify and eliminate the one common barrier to enjoying a meaningful, deeply satisfying life: low self-esteem.By following the effective and straightforward strategies in this book -- tailored exactly to your personality and learning style -- you will learn how to do the same.The Self-Esteem Solution will give you:• Clues to identify low self-esteem and the hidden ways it impacts you• Case studies of clients who recovered their self-esteem after struggling for years without knowing why• 3 easy-to-follow Action Plans designed for different personality types• 3 free pre-recorded self-hypnosis and visualization audio files• Additional exercises and sample Action Plan templates for you to personalizeFollow the guidelines in this book to jump on the fast track to identifying and pursuing a passionate life. Whether you’re a logical thinker, an imaginative dreamer, or a faithful follower, there are strategies inside for you. Start seeing results in as few as three weeks!You will also learn tools and tactics to:• Stop feeling overwhelmed with life• Self talk your way to success• Know how to find balance• Forgive yourself• Become self confident• Be able to say, "YES!" to the question, "Do I know myself?"Two questions:• Are you ready to banish limiting beliefs and doubts?• Are you ready to reprogram yourself to create the career, relationships, health, and bank account that you want and deserve? If yes...Then you’re ready for The Self-Esteem Solution!

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