The Search for the Perfect Protein: The Key to Solving Weight Loss, Depression, Fatigue, Insomnia, and Osteoporosis

What Might be Causing Your FATIGUE, DEPRESSION and INSOMNIAImproving ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE, Avoiding Illnesses and Speeding Recovery and SorenessThe Unknown Link Between Protein, BEAUTY Concerns and MENOPAUSEThe Key to Fighting LEAKY GUT and Restoring Your HealthProteins are the basic building blocks of the human body. But most people are malnourished in amino acids, which are required to form protein--a deficiency that can lead to diabetes, obesity, cancer, and chronic diseases. It's a serious problem for which Dr. David Minkoff offers a powerful solution in The Search for the Perfect Protein.A medical doctor and IRONMAN triathlete, Dr. Minkoff provides a new appreciation and understanding of these vital components of life and wellness. He examines the healthful or harmful effects of the foods you eat regularly. And he explores the importance of clean proteins in your diet while offering indispensable guidance on where to find them.Not all proteins are created equal, and they're not just for bodybuilders. Whether you're female or male, young or old, an athlete or a couch potato, The Search for the Perfect Protein will lead you to a stronger, healthier life.

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